About Us

Established in 1936 by husband and wife Fred and Viola Hiscock of Bridgehampton. Fred and Viola were quite the entrepreneurs for their time.  At a time when the Great Depression was in full swing, they managed to start up and operate several successful businesses which was unheard of at that time, including a trucking co., limousine service and a full service gasoline station. But, it was LP Propane that enabled them to work locally in their hometown of Bridgehampton, NY. and raise their family. It was then and there where the business soon established itself as one of the largest, local, family owned and longest running propane providers in the Hamptons.  With their youngest son Silas Sr. taking over the business in 1970, it’s now passed onto the next generation, William and Silas Jr. They continue to run their business with the same drive and determination passed down from Fred and Viola. Now at three generations strong, family values are very important to them, they operate their business with honesty, integrity and reliability at its core. Because they consider their customers to be family as well, you will get the same great service that they’ve managed to provide for the last 83 years.